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Copyright © 2009 Linda Fenton Dance Studio
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Jazz Competition Companies
Jazz Company
Mon and Wed 6:30-7:30 pm
Age 10+
Requires 1 year of ballet (Ballet 3 or Ballet 4)
and 1 year of jazz (Jazz 2 or Jazz 3)
Compete 1-2 times in spring
Additional Info
There are 2-3 costumes for the jazz company. Costume money is due in December (approx. $65-90
per costume)
Each company member is required to have basic wardrobe items and shoes, i.e. foot undies, jazz
shoes, tights, nude leotard etc. in specified colors. Members may also be asked to have specific
makeup items.
Each company member is required to have studio sweats for competitions, approx. $100.
Competitions are $55-80 each.
Competitions are held all over the Wasatch Front and members are expected to provide their own
transportation to all competitions, performances, and rehearsals.

What’s expected of you…
Our Jazz Companies are designed to give dancers experience dancing and competing at a high level
as a team. In order to be fair to all company members, there are expectations from every member:
Company members and their parents will be required to sign a contract stating they will adhere to the
rules and policies of the company and the studio.
Company members must be enrolled in and consistently attend their assigned ballet class in order to
participate in the jazz company. Our jazz companies are known for a high level of technique, best
obtained from ballet study and conditioning.
Company members are required to have a minimum of 90% attendance in company class in order to
All Competition, Costume, Tuition, and other fees must be kept up to date and the Company
Member's studio account must be in good standing for the student to compete and/or perform.
Company members are expected to maintain a high level of conduct, including but not limited to
respectful and courteous behavior to teachers, judges, fellow dancers, parents, and volunteers in
class, dressing rooms, performance, and competition.
Failure to comply with these expectations may result in loss of one or more performances or, in
extreme cases, dismissal from the company.

The fun stuff…
Company members can enjoy learning super fun routines, rehearsing with friends, improving dance
skills, spending lots of time watching and experiencing dance and making friendships that last a
lifetime. Please join us!!!
Company placement is subject to teacher approval.